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Nature & Well Being

Pozzo Volito: The Rural Ecosystem with Homes

``Pozzo Volito`` is a Rural Estate, in Agro di Patù, in a privileged position to live immersed in the natural beauty of the Volito Canal (lush vegetation, imposing rock walls, the famous freshwater well of ``il Pozzo``), surrounded by an historical area (the Sentiero di Vereto and the signs of the Messapian civilization, the secular rural settlements, the natural harbor of Torre San Gregorio) and still close to the numerous exellences of Basso Salento. The environment is composed of a pristine natural ecosystem with a high biodiversity of flora and fauna and of the original peasant liamas and pajare, ancient stone homes restored with care, preserving the original harmony and architecture. You will live an experience between nature and comfort. All just a stone's throw from the sea.

our homes

Space & Freedom


a refreshing pool in the cave, a liama and its olive grove, a wood of oaks and laurel ... for 4 guests.

Romantic & Infinite


the alcove in the ancient barn, the fresh water in the rock, a roof of stars ... for 2 guests.

Unique & Secret


two oaks trough of the roof, the bed in the cone of the pajara, the frame of olive and lemon trees ... for 2 guests.

Lower Salento

A land to discover, all year round

If we draw an imaginary line from the fine sand dunes of Pesculuse to the rocky coast of Castro, we highlight the lower part of Salento, the land of Leuca Cape, ``lu Capu``. A famous director described it as follows: ``... think of a profound experience, an ancient land that time seems to have wanted to preserve, rich in culture and traditions, where people are kind. If by day the sun fills you of energy, the reflection of the sea is blinding and a pleasant breeze accompanies you, the night charms you with the scents of maquis and shows off stars so bright that it seems to be able to touch them. It is a sincere land, with strong features, where to satisfy the need for freedom that is deeply hidden in us. ``.
Wellness, all the way

Today, I'd love to...

along tradition footprints or in the name of creativity

curio and handcraft

ancient routes on foot, by bike or on horseback

from shore or by boat, with canoe or surf, snorkeling or diving

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The ``charm & tips`` of every season

``Quannu 'rria la fica, la cicala se 'mpica``